Progression in Beirut: A new app to dispel the chaos of parking

A newly developed app aspiring to resolve the disorder that comes with parking in Beirut has been released. The app is called Parkr, is available to download on iOS devices, and will soon be accessible to Android users.

Established by a start-up company consisting of AUB graduates who have been frustrated with the lack of organization in the capital’s parking lots, the app is fairly simple to work. The user reserves themselves a parking spot in one of the Parkr lots. A QR code is generated, which in turn is used to access a parking space. The meter then runs on the app itself, so the user is able to see how much time has passed since parking and how much they will be charged.

Entrepreneurs from Speed@BDD, an accelerator program in the Beirut Digital District, have invested in the app and have provided the start-up with funding needed to make the project possible.

The app will be connected with five Beirut parking lots by the end of the week, and is working to increase that number.

Parkr is ideal for those who commute to Beirut everyday. Christina Cavalcanti, a junior at AUB says: “I live an hour away so I am always worried that by the time I get to Beirut, the parking lots will be full. This will definitely help me save time”.



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